Congress Programme

Today, it is estimated that only 5%-15% of the people who require prostheses or orthoses or any other assistive products actually get them. In 2050, it is anticipated that there will be 2 billion people in need of assistive devices with only 1 in 20 having access to them. People with disabilities have the same general health care needs as others but are three times more likely to be denied health care and four times more likely to receive unsatisfactory treatment.

To change this alarming scenario we, as ISPO International, believe that we can contribute significantly
to improve access by working together with international agencies, national governments, P&O and
rehabilitation professionals and the industry and the users/groups.

Through a high calibre scientific programme delivered by a variety of professionals from various disciplines and regions, by offering a parallel exhibition where companies, NGOs, training institutions and government organisations showcase their latest product developments and projects and by gathering all the individuals working in the P&O and rehabilitation field on the African continent, the 2016 congress will do just that.