Assistive Technology for All

Welcome to the ISPO 16th World Congress web pages

ISPO International’s bi-annual congress is a unique interactive forum where the global community of professionals involved in the care of persons in need of prosthetic, orthotic, mobility and assistive devices comes together to learn about the latest scientific and clinical advances, products, innovative technologies, designs and materials in prosthetic and orthotic care.

For the first time organised on the African continent, the congress aims to ensure increased access to assistive technology for users worldwide through a broad and interactive programme, an international trade show and social events.

Participants will include orthotists, prosthetists, physiatrists, orthopaedic surgeons, physical and occupational therapists, rehabilitation engineers, caregivers, clinical psychologists, social institutions and many others from all corners of the world.

On this website, you will find all information on the programme, participation and programme contributions.